YOUR Running Story

From Lori P:

“When I first started running I was tickled to make it down the drive way and around the corner! I remember the first time I made it a full mile! Then the second mile…then I felt the fever and the desire to run. I love to run alone and no noise. In full openness to my mind. I clear my “bugs” out. I  see nature, I hear nature and I pick up all fallen nails and screws found on the road! LOL

I think I really do it for the look in my husbands eye after I come back, hot sweaty and a face that expresses just how far I pushed my abilities. I see his pride. That alone makes my day and I feel more accomplished.
Also for these reasons:
A reason for new shoes
A reason for a new running outfit
A reason to run for a charity event
A reason to meet new people
A reason that your grand kids will want to follow
A reason to eat more dressing at Thanksgiving
A reason to FEEL your body.
A reason to explore a new trail or road or town
A reason to appreciate fatigue
A reason to appreciate a hot bath/shower
A reason to get up and do it all over again!
 Or this reason…staying in touch with a great coach like Lisa!!! “
Please comment below and share YOUR Running Story.  I love to hear these and you’ll also inspire someone else along the way!

2 thoughts on “YOUR Running Story

  1. My name is Jenine and this is my running story. . .

    I have never enjoyed running, not that I’d tried it recently. . . When I was younger (a lot younger as I’m 50) I would run when I had to to train for high school sports. Now, I hadn’t even been exercising regularly for 26 years and even become tired and out of breath on short walks.

    Then September 23rd of 2016 that all changed. I had been at a silent meditation retreat for 5 days and it had arisen that “everything is happening of it own” and that what was needed was for me to begin to experience that I, meaning my ego self, wasn’t the “doer” but instead to shift to the experiential reality of being the higher Self, the field and remain as the “observer” of the actions.

    The next morning I awoke to go to morning meditation, a short drive away. As I lay in bed, I heard an inner voice say “you better get up now, you’re not driving this morning”. I still laid in bed just enjoying that feeling of coming slowly to consciousness in the morning (it was 4:30am after all!). Then it came again “you better get up NOW.” I got up and dressed (in a long flowing skirt and regular shoes). I left my house through the back door to take a short cut to the meditation center (about an 8 minute walk), but found that it had rained in the night and I couldn’t cross the arroyo that had filled with water. The inner voice came again “you aren’t walking, you are running” – which I had to do to make it on time as taking the road was way longer than the trail.

    Who am I to argue with the Holy Spirit? I left my house and began to run – in my long dress and regular shoes. I could run a short while and then had to walk and then would run again. I made it to meditation, albeit late.

    The next morning it was the same, although I put on running clothes and sneakers. As I started to run it came up from within that I had to learn that “running is just as easy as walking, it is just faster.” This had been inspired by a story I had heard on Darren Hardy’s (Success coach) daily blog The Darren Daily a couple of weeks earlier. It was a story of a young boy Glen Cunningham who was very badly burned and told he would never walk again. Through determination and inspiration he eventually found he could run even though he couldn’t walk. He eventually went on to become one of the greatest American miler and in 1938 he set the world record for the fastest indoor mile at 4.04.4 (Roger Bannister eventually broke it by breaking the 4 minute mark).

    The knowingness arose in me that in life and business we sometimes feel that to do things in a bigger way, a faster way, it will be more work. This isn’t true – it really sometimes is easier to run than to walk. In fact, often in business if we start out at a walk then we walk to our death. In my recent business I walked, scared to run as I thought it would be too much work. I walked until I slowly ran out of money and enthusiasm and the business ground to a halt.

    That 2nd morning of running, I just observed the body and mind during the run. I would see the mind say “you are tired and should stop” and would have to just bypass the mind and observe that if I didn’t pay attention to it or believe it, then the body would keep on running. Then I would see the mind say “just run to that next tree and then walk” and I would just bypass the mind and stay in the place of just observing the body keep running past the tree. It became an exercise in staying identified with my higher Self and trusting that it would stop my body from running at the appropriate times if I just kept my mind clear of limiting beliefs.

    The 3rd morning of running, someone “happened” to mention Chi Running to me and told me the key principles. That was incredibly helpful and I have kept those key things in mind. Now today 2 months later, I finally ordered the book and went to the website to learn more.

    That’s how I run. I run to remember who I really am. I run out of devotion to that Source, Divinity, that all-loving Presence out of which everything is created.

    Each day I run further and further, faster and faster. Two weeks ago I registered for the 5k in the Sedona Marathon. My 16 year daughter might run it with me!

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my story! I am relaunching my business in a new way, a way that is really for me, in a way to bring joy to me and my family, in a way= that builds on my unique gifts to the world and I’m going to run, not walk!

    Loving you all. Be Blessed

    P.S. When it comes to fulfilling your dreams, it really is easier to run than to walk!!

    • Jenine! I love love your running story! I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason and the right people come into your life when you are ready. I can’t wait to have my ChiRunning workshop at your location in December and I’m honored and blessed to be part of your running journey! 😉

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