MY Running Story

My name is Lisa Pozzoni. I own Easy Fitness Solutions and The Running University.  I’m also the ONLY ChiWalking and ChiRunning Instructor in Arizona.  You can find out more details about me and my background on this bio page or this one.

The info below is straight from the heart!

I’m on a personal mission to inspire 100,000 people in my lifetime to create their own running story.  What is a running story?  It consists of every single “step” you take during your running lifetime.  Why are you starting to run?  Why do you continue to run?  Who do you run with?  What do you learn when you’re running?  When is your next race?  What are you running goals?  How was today’s run?  Are you a trail runner?….and the list goes on and on.  Every run is part of YOUR story.  I’ve never documented MY Running Story and that’s why I decided to write this blog.  I’ll be sharing my personal experiences here and hopefully you’ll share yours too!  

My favorite part of MY Running Story is all the wonderful people I’ve met through the process.  The pictures you’ll see on this blog are my running buddies and I couldn’t do it without them! The “cover” photo is a few of my friends cheering me on as I cross the finish line at my first marathon.  It’s one of my favorite photos ever!  My ultimate goal is to create these supportive, running communities across the nation.  

I used to be one of these people who said I would NEVER run.  It looked painful, it was too much work and walking was just easier.  But one day, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone so I gave it a try…and the rest is history!  I am now a running coach and LOVE running!

Whether you are barely thinking about taking your first run,  a beginner runner, returning from an injury, or keep comparing yourself to other runners, I want you to find the same JOY I feel through the art of running.

Running has changed my life in so many positive ways that I must pass it on!  I’m encouraging people to create their own running story. Why?  We are all unique in our reasons, abilities, and desires to run.  I want you to start thinking about your own running story and only YOU can choose how your story unfolds. No one else will have your same story.  I see it too many times where the runner’s EGO gets in the way:  “I’m not as fast as Jane Runner…”  OR “I should be running this distance now because Joe Runner is…” or “I walked too much on that run..”  Get out of your head, relax and have a good time with it! Anytime these thoughts enter my head now, I just say:  “Today my running story is ….”. For example, I recently went on a 5 mile run with a few friends.  It was hot that morning and we decided to walk the last 2 miles.  We started feeling bad about walking and I said: “Today my running story included a 2 mile walk”…that’s it, end of story…no guilt, no comparing to another running day…just call it part of your story and move on!  I see it happen too many times that runners are so hard on themselves.  This attitude sucks the joy out of running and it scares people who are maybe thinking about running.

Will you be my next runner?
If I’ve inspired you in some way, shape or form to learn how running can change your life, it would be my honor if you signed my petition! You can also follow this blog or find me on facebook..  
Cheers to running happy and free!
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4 thoughts on “MY Running Story

  1. I love your new blog! I look forward to more stories from you & others. Running is not the only thing you have influenced in my life. Helping me redefine my lifestyle through exercise and then supporting me to make a professional change to join this amazing profession. Not to mention the daily 430a alarm to run with my wonderful friends….you are an inspiration and a amazing friend & mentor….love ya!!!

  2. Comment: Running saved my life.
    On returning from holiday sat in a pub talking to friends about our family holiday I turned to my phone to show the holiday snaps whilst flicking through the photos I came across one in particular that stopped me in my tracks I saw for the first time how big and unfit I was.
    I was overweight and very unhealthy I believe I was a cardiac arrest waiting to happen.

    I knew I had to change but how? I smoked between 10-15 cigars a day binge drank on weekends and sometimes in the week and was two to three stone overweight.

    I decided there and then I was going to run a half marathon the following year & set my sights on the Cardiff half marathon in October 2015.
    I went home from the pub and the following day I signed up for the Cardiff half marathon and then after Christmas and the new year my wife Deb and i went about buying some running bottoms trainers running t-shirts things I’ve never owned and just went light running around where I live. I went out day after day each day getting a little further realising my goal was a half marathon and the fact I’d not entered a race since school age I decided to look to see if there was an opportunity to do running anywhere else so I entered the Cardiff Bay 5 miler I completed this and then to set my sights on a Cardiff 10K the month before the half marathon.

    In late July whilst training for the Cardiff 10K I heard about Cardiff parkrun to which I quickly jumped upon doing I’ve now today completed 21 park runs and I volunteered on occasions too.

    In May of 2015 I gave up smoking also gave up binge drinking and enjoy Running 2 to 3 times a week more if I can I run on holidays which is fantastic.

    In my first year of running I have completed the Cardiff Bay 5 miler, The Cardiff 10K, The Cardiff half marathon, The mo 5K run i have also completed the Dragon 10K, ran the world in the Cardiff world half marathon championships did St David’s Day 10k and with my eldest daughter Kirsty we have done the Caerphilly 10K and more recently i completed The Swansea half marathon. My next race this year wll be with my daughter Kirsty we are both doing the Cardiff 10K in September then the Cardiff half marathon in October park runs help with training it’s also good to feel healthy fitter so I can see more years of my children and grandson Anton grow up running really changes lives and has certainly changed mine.

    My first 5k I completed in 52 minutes 12 months on I have a PB of 27.30 I also had a PB for half marathon of 2 hours 24 minutes 54 seconds achieved at the Cardiff world half marathon championships earlier this year.

    I have also entered the ballot for the London Marathon next year fingers crossed

    I am so proud my daughter has taken up running and she has joined parkrun.

    Paul Scanlon

    • WOW! Thanks so much for sharing your running story Paul! I used to be a smoker as well and so glad I kicked that habit! I love to hear these! Congrats on your PBs and sharing your passion with your children!
      Wishing you lots of luck that you get into the London Marathon!

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